A relishing experience!

‘What is art to you ?’ . Is it something you just see and passby or you see and put thought in it ? Art can be expressed in different forms . It differs from person to person and also geographically (i.e nation to nation), don’t you think ? Wherever we go creativity is always […]

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Relaxed vibes..

Have you ever felt the need to get away ? To explore nearby places and get your wanderlust mode on ^_^ Here, Bandstand which is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra is such a beautiful place. If you love beaches then I would definitely recommend you this place. The desire for a gateway and peaceful can be […]

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Origin of fondue

We all love to explore something new. They can be books, places or even food. A new experience is all that matters! Some may think ‘What’s there in food?’ We all eat daily but have we all tried different varieties of food ? There are different exotic flavours of food all over the world . […]

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Joy of bake and learn

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to explore? It can be anything a place, hobby or just have to be something new which you haven’t tried out before. Well, my new interest turned out to be baking! I have always loved to eat desserts especially cakes..aren’t they everyone’s favorite? Just a bite of cake and the feeling […]

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Blogging about my trip to goa

I am sure everyone will have their own bucket list and dream vacations planning on. An escape from routine day and get wild, free. Live a young life. Well as lucky as I can get mine escape route was flying to Goa! Goa is a place where you can enjoy yourself the most (i.e if […]

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